As a Martial Arts business owner or management, you are constantly working on providing excellent customer services to your clients. Monitoring student's progress, belt testing eligibility, scheduling classes are now a breeze using Even Steps. The EvenSteps solution is loaded with standard and customizable features to simplify your back-end operations.

Belt Testing

Tracking eligibility

  • Identify eligible students for a belt test
  • Move students into schedules for testing
  • Track class participation and skill level of students
  • Provide refunds for canceled classes, if not rescheduled
  • Take detailed notes on students and mark as resolved when complete


  • Invoice students who perform testing
  • Promote students to the next level
    • Automate your payouts, based on classes taught or number of students
    • Option to integrate with your accounting and tax software

    Manage your finances and payouts

    Grow your revenues

    • Flexibility to charge fees, as a monthly flat fee or based on attendance
    • Automated invoice generation and notification to student or parent
    • Ability to charge late fees, or optional processing fees for credit card payments
    • Provide refunds for canceled classes, if not rescheduled

    Make payouts a breeze

    • Automate your payouts, based on classes taught or number of students
    • Option to integrate with your accounting and tax software

    Ease of daily operations

    • Create online class and holiday schedules
    • Parents or students can sign up for classes online
    • Easily manage Rescheduling requests from parents or students
    • Notify students of class cancelation
    • Track attendance for each class

    Streamline operations across multiple locations

    • Manage multiple branches and drill down into specific branches
    • Set up schedules and pricing by branch
    • Customize promotional offers by branch to drive enrollments
    • Option to track student attendance across branches

    Make it easy for your tutors

    • Add documents and coaching materials for a class
    • Provide assignments to students
    • Grade assignments and create progress reports

    Provide convenience for students and parents

    • Your students / parents can register for online access and download EvenSteps Mobile app
    • Download EvenSteps Mobile app
    • Ease of signing up for classes
    • Online or mobile app requests for rescheduling, if necessary
    • Invoice notification with the option to make payments online or mobile app
    • Ease of communication with the tutor

    Acquire new customers

    • Provide promotional offers and free trial periods, to encourage sign-ups
    • Enable students to register online for your classes

    Create incentives for customer loyalty and referrals

    • Offer discounts for multiple classes or siblings
    • Referral rewards for your customers who bring in new customers

    Automatic Payment Processing

    EvenSteps is integrated with CardConnect for automatic payment processing using Credit card and ACH. We want to ensure processing payments is always simple, secure and affordable.

    • Accepts all major credit, debit cards and ACH Payments
    • Fees : 2.75% + $0.25 per transaction for credit card, $0.50 per transaction for ACH payments
    • No monthly fees

    CardConnect protects your transactions with it's industry-leading PCI-Certified security solutions.

    Sign up with CardConnect

    Even more customization options to suit your specific business situation

    • Custom branding / white labeling the EvenSteps platform with your academic center’s branding and colors
    • Custom branded mobile app with all the EvenStep functionalities in iOS and app store
    • Functionality for sending notifications and reminders using text messaging
    • Option to integrate with your accounting, payouts, tax, marketing ERP or CRM software

    Contact us to learn more about how EvenSteps can help simplify and grow your business

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